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Questions Laser surgery

Niels P

Dear Sr/Mrs, 

I am considering flying to Bangkok for eye correction surgery at your clinic. Preferably I would like to fly in on short notice. To minimize both time spend in Bangkok and cost I would like you to answer the following questions. 

1). Pre-surgery eye exam is necessary as I read on your website. I understand that the outcome can be that surgery is not advised or will not  obtain the desired results which is contact lenses/ glasses free sight. I do not mind having to correct near sightness with glasses.  

What will be the cost for the pre exam to determine if surgery will be possible and which method to choose. 

2). As I read contact lenses should not be worn prior to exam/ surgery. However their seems to be inconsistent advise. I am using monthly soft contact lenses with -5.25 left and -3 with -.2.25 toric correction right. 

How long do you advise not to wear contact lensens.

3). Based on the results of the eye exam the suggested method can be determined. However what are the estimated costs for laser eye surgery per method. What is included in the price and what is not. 

Please send your answers and price quotations to

Niels Peursum