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Vision of Happiness

I had bad eyesight and I was so tired of all the time wearing contact lenses and glasses. So, I decided to operate my eyes. I was a little bit worried like everybody normally does before an... Read more

Being a doctor, I have already heard of LASIK for a long time. I actually went for assessment in Singapore before, but the advise post assessment with Laser Vision was <1.00 diopters in the... Read more

Before the operation, I was very excited, after wearing contact lenses and glasses for 18 years and have read about eye surgery for several years, this was finally it. Very professional service... Read more

I heard about LASIK from my German friends. So I decided to have LASIK done. First, I think for Germany. But the German doctor gives a very good reputation for Bangkok. So, I asked my optician and... Read more

Just before the operation I was given information to set the expectations right. Lack of this information was one of the criticisms as outcome of an investigation by a consumer organization... Read more

Doing a lot of sports like diving, swimming. I was dependent on bad vision or glasses. LASIK was hopefully going to secure my freedom to do what I wanted without having to worry about glasses and... Read more