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Having my eyes fixed so i can see better and have better life style.

Owen Reeves

I am 57 year old male. My eyes have deteriorated over years and I would like to have my vision corrected. According to eye specialist Ive already visited, my eye problem will not be corrected by laser treatment. The specialist advised me the only way for my eyes to be corrected is to have my retina/lens removed and new lenses inserted into my eyes wich will then give me a huge improvement. Im prepared to come to Bangkok to have both eyes corrected but only want to come to Bangkok for one visit due to costly travel expenses. Going on what Ive already told you can you please give me the cost to have my eyes corrected. How long does it take or each eye and please send me an info pack to my email address.

Thank you,

Owen Reeves.

I thought from the info you

I thought from the info you provided you probably got cataract which can be corrected by lens replacement surgery. The cost and detail will be sent to your email directly. Both eyes can be corrected together in one visit but surgery will be done one eye at a time. Thanks for interest in our services.