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Hello, I am traveling from time to time to BKK for business and would like to get operated on during a short time. I have dioptrie of -9.5 and -12.0. Especially the -12.0 is very high and may need another procedure instead of Lasik (as more than 1/3 of the lens would be burnt away). I would like to know what you can offer, if you can evaluate and operate within the day (if planned in advance) and what the cost would be. Thanks

At first, we recommend you

At first, we recommend you come for Eye Examination, during eye examination the discussion will be made by our specialized doctors will discuss on how each patient's result would be after the LASIK. We will be able to tell you in terms of percentage concerning success of your result. At LASER VISION we have new technology of LVS FemtoLASIK would be the alternatives option for high nearsighted people not able to have Lasik with standard one. The eye examination and LASIK Surgery can be done on the same day in which you can come here in the morning time and have the surgery done by the evening. We will ask you to come back on the first day of post operation and 1 week of post operation. In case that you cannot do the LASIK, Phakic IOL (The implantable Contact Lens) would be the possibility to correct in higher range of nearsighted patient. But the Phakic IOL surgery can not be done in one day as LASIK. It takes time more than one week for surgery. All treatment detail will be send to your email directly.