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Andrew T

Hi. I have had deteriorating eye sight for around 4 years. I am becoming short sighted. I can still see distant objects clearly enough, but am struggling to read font at a distance. As it isn't too bad I have neglected to ever have my eyes tested, or to get glasses. I am wondering if I would be a suitable candidate for LASIK?

Thank you for contact us. We

Thank you for contact us. We recommend that you should have a complete eye examination to determine whether or not LASIK is the best option for you. The examination process takes 3 hours including refractive measurement before and after pupil dilatation, intra ocular pressure measurement, corneal curvature and thickness measurement, high order aberration measurement and how healthy of your eye. You can discuss with our doctor about the chance of success. 

At Laser Vision, we offer 3 different types of LASIK which are LV Premiere LASIK, LV Optimized LASIK, LV Platinum LASIK. Which one we select for your LASIK procedure will depend on the individual needs opf your eyes.

Further information about LASIK and preparation will send to you via email.