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Laser Vision International LASIK Center is both internationally and domestically accepted as the leader in LASIK and refractive eye surgery.

Pro Medical Team
  • At Laser Vision, our ophthalmologists are all experts, graduated in the sub-specific field of Cornea and Refractive surgery. All of who have been both educated and trained abroad and are highly experienced in the LASIK procedure.
  • Our ophthalmologists pride themselves in keeping up to date with everything concerning refractive surgery. Attending worldwide conferences regarding refractive surgery is constantly furthering their knowledge. They are invited to present their research, work and various experiences to other ophthalmologists who, working together, strive to be at the forefront of laser technology and refractive surgery.
  • Our ophthalmologists aim to provide the highest standards for our patient, so they can be sure that they get the best service.
Pro Technology
  • At Laser Vision, we professionally choose the most accurate and safest USA. FDA.-approved excimer laser. By employing the best and giving our patients customized options, we can offer better safety and results.
  • Due to the safety of the keratome cut, we have carefully chosen the C&B, M2, microkeratome from France, which has the dual vaccuum system. Another microkeratome used here is the MK2000, which is specifically designed for ASIAN eyes.
  • With the most advanced eye tracking system, the accuracy and safety are increased
  • Using a modern, on-line computer system, our data is organized to ensure the best and most accurate outcome of the treatment

Now, Laser Vision is the first private LASIK center in Thailand to acquire the Femtosecond Laser, the best, newest and safest vision correction and to use it in the surgical procedures which has produced highly successful results and the highest satisfaction for all patients.

Pro Experience LASIK 
  • Our personnel staffs are all well trained in the specifics of LASIK care and maintain their knowledge by attending seminars or conferences regularly. In order to provide the most effective service, we try our best to achieve the highest quality control standards.


Pro Service
  • At Laser Vision, we pride ourselves in offering professional, first class service with a smile, treating each customer like family.
  • Our staff is trained and tested to maintain the high level of standards that we demand of our LASIK professional consultation team. Our customer will get the proper care and consultation, specifically tailored for each individual.