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Why Is the Pre-LASIK Eye Examination Important, and Why Does It Take Up to 3 Hours?

Why Is the Pre-LASIK Eye Examination Important, and Why Does It Take Up to 3 Hours?

The significance of a comprehensive pre-LASIK eye examination lies in ensuring the best possible outcomes for LASIK patients. But why does this process take up to 3 hours? At Laser Vision, our commitment to delivering top-tier LASIK treatment involves an intricate evaluation of patients' eye conditions, utilizing state-of-the-art tools to assess vision and provide critical data for diagnosis, procedure planning, and the selection of the most suitable LASIK treatment method for achieving the clearest vision.


This meticulous process comprises four essential steps:


Step 1: Patient History To initiate the LASIK journey, our medical team at Laser Vision requests patients to complete forms and provide their medical history. This information helps determine if patients are taking any medications or have a history of specific medical conditions that could affect or contraindicate LASIK surgery. This initial assessment aids in evaluating whether patients should undergo a comprehensive eye examination for LASIK. This step typically takes 10-20 minutes.


Step 2: In-Depth Eye Assessment The process commences with a baseline visual acuity measurement using an Auto Refractometer, assessing eye pressure through IOP measurements using an air puff, analyzing corneal curvature and thickness with the Pentacam machine, and evaluating eye rigidity with the Corvis instrument. Following these assessments, an optometrist examines the patient's visual capabilities. In some cases, patients may need to try on corrective glasses to simulate the effects of the intended LASIK correction, especially if they have both myopia and hyperopia. The duration of these steps varies, with each taking 30-60 minutes, contingent on individual circumstances.


Step 3: Detailed Eye Assessment After Pupillary Dilation Subsequently, the staff revisits all previously recorded measurements to make before-and-after comparisons following pupillary dilation, enabling a more thorough assessment of potential changes. This step entails a repeat of the measurements conducted in Step 2.


Step 4: Consultation with the Ophthalmologist In the final step, patients meet with an experienced ophthalmologist. Employing a specialized microscope, the ophthalmologist examines overall eye health, both internally and externally. Subsequently, they elucidate the patient's current visual status and eye health. The ophthalmologist discusses the anticipated post-LASIK vision, as well as any constraints associated with each specific LASIK procedure type. Furthermore, the ophthalmologist inquires about the patient's lifestyle and provides post-operative care recommendations. This comprehensive consultation ensures patients gain a clear understanding of the LASIK procedure, paving the way for optimal results.


Laser Vision's comprehensive pre-LASIK examination process is designed to assure our patients of professional, high-quality service, convenience, and superior treatment outcomes. Should you have inquiries or require additional information, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at 02-511-2111 or 02-939-6006.


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