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Mr. Karl Huss


Myopia OD -1.75 Astig. -0.50

Myopia OS -1.50 Astig. -2.25 

I heard about LASIK from my German friends. So I decided to have LASIK done. First, I think for Germany. But the German doctor gives a very good reputation for Bangkok. So, I asked my optician and she recommend me Laser Vision. I come to Siam Square and was afraid about the operation because I could not imagine how quickly and easy the doctor work. The doctor gave me a good feeling and my scares are going down. But during the operation, I was very nervous.


Mr. Carlo B. Crosetto

Myopia OD -2.00 Astig. -0.25

Myopia OS -2.00

Obviously, I was very nervous about doing LASIK operation. It is important to be able to build confidence. What convinced me to take the operation of Laser Vision was the confidence I gained by looking at the professionalism of the staffs, the quality of the equipment, and of course, the experience of the medical doctor.


Mr. John Zermani


Myopia OD -5.00

Myopia OS -5.75

Having worn eye glasses for 25 years, I decided to investigate and research in detail the treatment for shortsightedness offered by Laser Vision. The doctor quickly put me at ease and gave me much confidence.


Mr.Sven Martin Hochhaeusler


Myopia OD -2.50 Astigmatism -1.50

Myopia OS -2.50 Astigmatism -1.25

I just had surgery done 2 days ago and my eyes are already painless and I'm left with prefect vision on both eyes. Thanks a lot to all staff and doctors I had the pleasure to meet. I can only describe the whole procedure as smooth and uncomplicated, everyone was gentle and friendly and I'm so so so happy I did it!!
My vision before: -2 / -2.25 with corneal irregularity



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