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Vision of Happiness

The procedure took only 20 minutes and Ive finally throw away my contact lens I've worn for over 30 years

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I was a little worries Buy Since many of my seniors have experienced it and because of the confidence I have on the doctor,who is also my professor and a thorough research about Femtosecond... Read more

I have done a lot of background studies on the operation procedure. Nonetheless, the anxiety cannot be fully curbed, and I was very nervous prior to the surgery.

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I had always wanted to go for LASIK procedure but I wanted the technology to stabilize and the doctors to have more experience with the procedure first. Laser Vision... Read more

After the operation, I can see without the aid of spectacles! But I never expected less, I knew the procedure would improve my sight. What I felt most after the operation was of relief that once... Read more

I have been wearing glasses and contact lens for over a decade. It has since become inconvenient and uncomfortable, especially with contact lenses as I always had a problem with dry eyes. Before... Read more