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Myopia OD -3.00 Astigmatism 50

Myopia OS -5.75 Astigmatism 50

Prior to the LASIK surgery, I have been wearing glasses and contact lens for over a decade. It has since become inconvenient and uncomfortable, especially with contact lenses as I always had a problem with dry eyes. Before the procedure,

I was a little nervous but the staff at Laser Vision made me feel at ease and reassured me by providing me with information regarding the procedure itself as well as the after care. Going into the surgery, knowing what to expect was a relief. I was a little tense during the procedure but the doctor calmly talked me through the procedure which greatly lessens my anxiety. The surgery was much shorter than I expected and completely painless!. I was able to see through the eye shields straight after; and although there was a slight discomfort afterwards, the feeling was gone after a good night’s sleep.

I am ecstatic that I was able to achieve 20/20 vision overnight. I had such a good experience here at Laser Vision thanks to the wonderful service and the knowledgeable and friendly staff. I would definitely recommend Laser Vision International LASIK Center to anyone who is considering LASIK in Bangkok.