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Mr. Billy Low


Myopia OD -6.00 Astigmatism 100

Myopia OS -6.25 Astigmatism 100

I was calm before the operation-mainly because the staff of Laser Vision put you at ease and because I have great confidence in the skills and capabilities of the medical surgeon at Laser Vision. There were also steps taken to ensure that one doesn’t feel anxious- the centre is clean, spacious and comfortable; there were information materials provided which helped to answer a lot of questions relating to the LASIK surgery; and the staffs were friendly. I was certain that everything was going to be alright after the face-to-face session with Dr.Anun before the surgery  

It was normal to feel some anxiety during the operation. After all, you knew that your eye’s corneas were being flapped and laser would be beamed at your eyes! But the anxiety passed quickly-thanks to the excellent bed-side temperament and manners of the ophthalmologist Dr.Anun. He was both comforting and encouraging, yet I found him efficiently “painless” throughout the procedure. The operation turned out to be painless; the only pain turned out to be the fear in my mind, which was quickly put aside because of the good care provided by the center.

After the operation, I can see without the aid of spectacles! But I never expected less, I knew the procedure would improve my sight. What I felt most after the operation was of relief that once the eyes healed, I can be free to play games and to live life without eyesight problem

I have an unforgettable and excellent experience at Laser Vision, and will definitely encourage patients to come to Laser Vision. Keep up the good service and at the same time professional attitude.