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Mr. Carlo B. Crosetto

Myopia OD -2.00 Astig. -0.25

Myopia OS -2.00

Obviously, I was very nervous about doing LASIK operation. It is important to be able to build confidence. What convinced me to take the operation of Laser Vision was the confidence I gained by looking at the professionalism of the staffs, the quality of the equipment, and of course, the experience of the medical doctor.

Doing a lot of sports like diving, swimming. I was dependent on bad vision or glasses. LASIK was hopefully going to secure my freedom to do what I wanted without having to worry about glasses and contact lenses anymore.

After the operation-simply wow! Never felt so good! Getting your vision back in such an instant way was something that positively impressed me. I can definitely recommend it even if you have to go through a small operation.