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Mr. Hefferich Tan


Myopia OD -4.75 Astigmatism 25

Myopia OS -4.25 Astigmatism 50

Before the operation, I had always wanted to go for LASIK procedure but I wanted the technology to stabilize and the doctors to have more experience with the procedure first. Laser Vision Center’s Wavefront machine is one of the most advance machines available.

Because of the caring nature of the doctors at Laser Vision International LASIK Center. I am convinced that this is the right place to go for my LASIK procedure.

I am very pleased with the outcome of the operation. I now have 20/20 vision. During the operation, I was a little tense as I was fearful that there might be some complications and I might go blind! After all, it is laser cutting your eyes. But, the doctor was very patient and re-assuring. Dr.Anun was patiently telling me what he was doing next and what he was doing. Like I said the operation turned out well and I would recommend the procedure and especially Laser Vision International LASIK Center.