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Mr. John Zermani


Myopia OD -5.00

Myopia OS -5.75

Having worn eye glasses for 25 years, I decided to investigate and research in detail the treatment for shortsightedness offered by Laser Vision. The doctor quickly put me at ease and gave me much confidence.

Obviously there is some apprehension before undergoing such treatment, but the Laser Vision staffs were as comforting as they were professional, and were with me throughout the process. The operative procedure itself lasted no more than 10 minutes, and the doctor described each step of the process. There was a slight sensation which I can only describe as “water moving over the eye”, and at no time did

I experience any discomfort. By the end I was left with the impression that I had undergone one of the miracles of modern science.

There is no “glare” whilst driving at night, and I have enjoyed diving, swimming, and other sports like never before. In conclusion, I believe the friendliness, care, professionalism, and overall quality of service demonstrated by the staff at Laser Vision were the highest quality, I would without hesitation recommend Laser Vision to anyone interested in undergoing such treatment and am delighted to act as a referee on their behalf.