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Mr. Karl Huss


Myopia OD -1.75 Astig. -0.50

Myopia OS -1.50 Astig. -2.25 

I heard about LASIK from my German friends. So I decided to have LASIK done. First, I think for Germany. But the German doctor gives a very good reputation for Bangkok. So, I asked my optician and she recommend me Laser Vision. I come to Siam Square and was afraid about the operation because I could not imagine how quickly and easy the doctor work. The doctor gave me a good feeling and my scares are going down. But during the operation, I was very nervous.

During the operation, the first eye was very easy, also the cutting. The second eye hurts a little bit in the last step of the cutting. I could not be very relaxed and so my eyes are going around. But the doctor takes it easy and helped me. I was very amazed that both eyes were done within 15 minutes!!! I really could not believe it and after that I think I was blind…but no... I could see right away after the operation.

Today, I don’t be afraid about LASIK and I recommend my friend to have the surgery done here, at LASER VISION International LASIK Center