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Mr. Raymond Johansen



Myopia OD -7.50 Astigmatism -0.25

Myopia OS -7.75 Astigmatism -0.50

Before the operation, I was very excited, after wearing contact lenses and glasses for 18 years and have read about eye surgery for several years, this was finally it. Very professional service from all of the staff at Laser Vision made me relaxed.

During the operation, everything was OK. I was a little bit afraid at the cutting part but I had no pain at all. It has a smell like burned flesh when they used the laser but could not reek it. It is much better than going to the dentist.

After the operation, I could see the amount in the taxi meter and after somehow I could see TV very clear. This is like magic and the best thing I have ever done. I have already given my recommendation to many people with the address to the clinic.