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Mr. Wim Goedhart



Hyperopia OD -4.00

Hyperopia OS -4.25 Astig. -0.75

Just before the operation I was given information to set the expectations right. Lack of this information was one of the criticisms as outcome of an investigation by a consumer organization amongst Lasik centers in Holland. The information given at Laser Vision was extensive and made sure to prevent any disappointment after the operation in case glasses are needed after all. Just before the operation I was relaxed although I knew that I was going to have surgery on my eyes, which is more risky than fixing a broken finger.

Just before the operation The Doctor made sure that I knew exactly what was going to happen and patiently explained all the steps I would be going through and the sensations I would feel. This helped a lot because you feel very vulnerable on the operation table. The operation itself is very short. Counting during the cutting (10 sec.) and laser treatment (30-40 sec.) helps. There is always the doubt whether the anesthetics are enough and you will feel pain, during and after the operation I felt no pain at all.  

After the operation I took a taxi to my hotel with the eye-protection shields and could already see quit clearly through the small holes. This is a special experience after wearing glasses for more than 32 years. During the night I tried to sleep as long as possible. With the help of sleeping pills (and the jet-lag) I managed to sleep for 13 hours. The next morning I went to Laser vision for a check-up and within 24 hours of the operation I already had 20/20 vision! I had chosen to have the operation on a Friday afternoon to be able to recover during the weekend, I was in Thailand for work and had to give a presentation to 35 people on Monday morning, this was no problem.

Before I made a decision to have the operation in Thailand I checked a number of clinics in Holland and Belgium and figured that it would take me a lot of time to go through all examinations and the operation itself. The examination, operations and check-ups can be more quickly done in Thailand; they do not have waiting lists and are very flexible with appointments. I have checked the backgrounds of Lasik center myself and by our office in Bangkok, this gave me the feeling I had chosen the right center.

I know that the operation and the result will be different for everybody; one should not make this decision lightly and consider all risks that may be involved. There is a lot of information on the internet and there is a newsgroup in which experienced staff participates in asking all kind of questions. Take your time to assess all this information and focus it on your personal situation. The results of the treatment are good and the risk is acceptable, just determine what it is worth for you to get rid of your glasses. I have taken the right decision and two months after the operation I am still convinced that I have chosen the right Lasik center.