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Mrs. Tri Tran


Myopia OD -4.00  Astigmatism -1.00

Myopia OS -6.50  Astigmatism -0.50

I had bad eyesight and I was so tired of all the time wearing contact lenses and glasses. So, I decided to operate my eyes. I was a little bit worried like everybody normally does before an operation. However, the staff and especially the Doctor was very nice and efficient. They explained carefully about the procedure of the operation and I understood completely what was waiting.

I felt a little bit anxious but very confident that all would be well. I followed exactly what the doctor told me and anything went on smoothly. It took almost 15 minutes for the operation of both eyes. I didn’t feel any pain at all.

I’m very happy now. My dream had come true that one day I can see everything clearly. Now with modern technique, doctors can do many magical things!

Many thanks to Laser Vision International LASIK Center.