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Ms.Tan Siad Lin


Myopia OD -8.25 Astigmatism -1.00

Myopia OS -9.00 Astigmatism -1.50

Before coming to Thailand for LASIK, I have done a lot of background studies on the operation procedure. Nonetheless, the anxiety cannot be fully curbed, and I was very nervous prior to the surgery.The nurses are very patient which made the whole process easier to cope with the doctor, my doctor is very friendly and she explained to me in full details on what to expect, this makes me more confident. In short, Laser Vision staffs are very professional.

During the operation, I felt extremely nervous but there is no pain. A bit of uncomfortable but no pain. The operation is over before I realize it.

On the second day, I can read 20/20 which is fantastic! The Doctor has prepared me for a longer recovery since my eyesight was previously near to 1000 (myopia) with 150 astigmatism. So to be able to see clearly on the second day is close to the miraculous!. The post-check up is very professionally done and I am well informed of what to expect for the next 5 months, which to me is very important especially since I will be in Singapore by then.