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Vision of Happiness

Doing a lot of sports like diving, swimming. I was dependent on bad vision or glasses. LASIK was hopefully going to secure my freedom to do what I wanted without having to worry about glasses and... Read more

Having worn eye glasses for 25 years, I decided to investigate and research in detail the treatment for shortsightedness offered by Laser Vision. The doctor quickly put me at ease and gave me much... Read more

I just had surgery done 2 days ago and my eyes are already painless and I'm left with prefect vision on both eyes.

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At first, voluntary operations created anxiety for me.  However, I felt good that Laser Vision conducted many repeated eye tests. The staff was courteous and always ready to answer my... Read more

“I was a little apprehensive but the staff and the atmosphere were relaxing and by the time I entered the operating room, I was released and ready for the procedure.After the operation, I was... Read more