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How must is cost lasik


Soon i will go to thailand and i want to know how must is cost for your Lasik sugical? 

At first, we recommend you

At first, we recommend you come for Eye Examination, during eye examination the discussion will be made by our specialized doctors will discuss on how each patient's result would be after the LASIK.

1 Taking off the contact lens before the preoperative examination

- For soft contact lenses, the contact lenses need to be taken off 3 days ahead of the day of consultation.

 -For hard contact lenses , the contact lenses need to be taken off 7 days ahead of time.

 2. It will take 2-3 hours for the LASIK work up and examination for the detail data of the corneal curvature and the corneal thickness by Orbscan and Topography the pupil diameter by infrared Pupillometer the refraction by Auto Refractometer manifest refraction before pupil dilatation with refractionist. Measure Wavefront by OPDScan dilate the pupil (this will be effecting your vision and light sensitivity) cycloplegic refraction after the pupil dilatation with refractionist. work up examination and discuss with our refractive surgeon

 3. Due to the blurry vision that results after the dilatation of the eyes, it is recommended that the patient be accompanied by a relative or close friend. Dilation cause the eyes to become extremely light sensitive and the patient might not be able to drive a vehicle after dilating the pupil.

4. Bring a pair of sun glasses is recommended.

All treatment detail will be send to your email directly.