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Hi there. I live in Thailand and am in Bangkok at the moment. I would like to explore the idea of another LASIK surgery as my vision seems to be degenerating more quickly than it should. It's been about 10 years since the last surgery, which was the new "wavefront" technology at the time. I'm experiencing some difficulties with my eyes, and would like to research what's the best option for me at this point. Thanks for your time Marilyn

Nowadays, at LASER VISION

Nowadays, at LASER VISION provide the most recent technology in FemtoLASIK, also known as “LV Signature FemtoLASIK”, by the operating of LDV Femtosecond Laser machine. This makes all the LASIK procedure to be done by the Laser and a blade free surgery, resulting in more accuracy and more safety treatment. LV Signature FemtoLASIK which can correct patient with high degree of refractive. With FemtoLASIK, the recovery process is fast and no pain.

However, we recommend that you should have a complete eye examination to determine which procedure is the best option for you. During the eye examination, you can discuss with our doctor about the chance of success.

For further information we will send to you via email