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lasik surgery cost


I would like to know about different types of lasik surgery with prices and how many times of follow-up are needed. Can I have the treatment (surgery) right after the consultation with the doctor? And how many days do I need to stay after the surgery? Because I have to arrange the trip plan in advance as I need to take leave from my work. I will fly to Bangkok on the day of consultation (and prefer to do the surgery on the same day of consultation ) and then fly back to my country after immediate post-op follow up. Thanks.


There are two major types of LASIK Treatment 
1. Standard LASIK price ranged from 58,000 - 78,000 baht and Femto-LASIK price ranged from 118,000-138,000 Baht

2. We have an option for you to have the surgery on the same day of the examination.

3. We usually recommended you to stay at least 1 week after the surgery for the post-operative check-up on day 1 and day 7 after the surgery, We will provide you the medical certificate for you to get a follow-up appointment with your local or residential opthalmologist.