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Questions Laser surgery

Niels P
Thank you for your

Thank you for your interesting and contacting Laser Vision. At first, we recommend that you should have a complete eye examination to determine which procedure is the best option for you. The examination process takes 3 hours including refractive measurement before and after pupil dilatation, intra ocular pressure measurement, corneal curvature and thickness measurement, high order aberration measurement and how healthy of your eye. You can discuss with our doctor about the chance of success.

Please be informed that one day surgery can be done in which you come for the eye examination in the morning and perform the surgery in that afternoon. **For international patients, we recommend you to stay in Bangkok at least 1 week. The doctor will make a schedule for your post operative checkups for 1 day and 1 week. After the operation we will give you a medical certificate for further check up at your local area. After the operation, you can do any activities as normal, but be sure—not to let any water or dust enter your eyes and always use the eye drops as prescribed.

Laser Vision has bring in the most recent technology in LASIK, also known as “LV Signature FemtoLASIK”, by the operating of LDV Femtosecond Laser machine. This makes all the LASIK procedure to be done by the Laser and a blade free surgery, resulting in more accuracy and more safety treatment.  You can learn more about the LV Signature FemtoLASIK from the attached document we sent you.

The eye examination process normally takes about 3 hours. Please prepare yourself as follows:

1. If you are contact lens wearer, it should be removed, at least 3 days for soft contact lenses and at least 7 days for hard or semi hard contact lenses.
2. Please be accompanied. Do not drive by yourself because during the examination, your pupil will be dilated causing blurred vision for 4-6 hours.
3. Please bring sunglasses, if possible, because you might feel light sensitivity due to the effect of pupil dilation.  

In case that you make decision for surgery on the same day, please prepare yourself as follows:

4.   Wash your hair and bathing, wear loose comfortable clothing.
5.   Do not wear any perfume or body-spray that contains alcohol because such thing may affect the laser system. 
6.   You need to bring the blood test result for Anti-HIV before having the surgery (The result valid for 3 months). However, blood test can be done at our clinic as well. (300 Baht will be charged for blood test)

At Laser Vision, we offer 3 different types of LASIK. The benefits of each type of LASIK are as follows:

1.LV Premiere LASIK -- is proven effective LASIK treatment. A cool laser beam is applied to the cornea to precisely removed minute quantities of corneal tissue. The reshaped cornea will better focus light directly onto the retina to produce a clearer vision.

2.LV Optimized LASIK -- utilizes a specialized aspheric treatment in order to maintain the natural shape of the cornea known as "the Prolate Cornea". The process of LASIK surgery has the potential of creating visual aberrations when adjusting the curvature of the cornea, typically flattening it and eliminating its natural curve. LV Optimized LASIK often retains the prolate cornea resulting in lower incidences of glare and halos at night, producing better low contrast visual acuity, and inducing fewer high order aberrations. Overall, the procedure results in better patient satisfaction.

3.LV Platinum LASIK -- can measure your eyes' unique combination of lower and higher order aberrations to create a custom Wavefront map. The Wavefront map is transferred to the Excimer Laser to design a unique profile for your treatment. Your cornea is then precisely reshaped using a Multi-dimentional beam delivery system input with pre-calculated data from the Wavefront map. In addition, LV Platinum LASIK utilizes sophisticated Multi-dimentional eye tracking to detect the positional changes of the eyes, enabling us to deliver the highest quality and most accurate treatment.

Should you have more enquiries regarding our services, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@laservisionthai.com or call us at +662-511-2111,+662-939-6006.

Best Regards,
LASIK Consultant