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  • Take the contact lens off before hand (3 days for the soft lens, 7 days for the hard lens.)
  • Take a blood test or bring test results with you when you come in.
  • Please do not wear any perfume or body-spray that contains alcohol because the alcohol mayeffect the laser system.
  • Please make an arrangement to be accompanied because after the surgery, the eye shields need to be used

The LASIK innovative technology procedure takes only 15 minute per eye and the process is:

  • The procedure starts with a topical anesthetic eye drop to anesthetize the cornea, 15-20 minutes prior to the operation. During this period our refractive surgery specialist will explain each step.
  • The patient will then moves and lie down horizontally under the laser. The eye area is then cleansed with an antibiotic solution
  • An eye speculum is put into the eye to remove any worry about blinking.
  • The surgeon applies some suctions to the surface of your eye-you will feel slight sensation of pressure. Then, the superficial cornea is separated into two layers, using a delicate instrument called “microkeratome”; leaving small attaching hinges to facilitate the repositioning (like a door of window with hinge).
  • The flap that is created is then gently lifted. Using the excimer laser to reshape the cornea.
  • For near-sightedness, the central corneal curvature is decreased.
  • For farsightedness, the central corneal curvature is increased.
  • For astigmatism, adjust the corneal curvature to have the light focus on the retina.

You  will hear the laser making a faint clicking sound.

  • After laser surgery is complete, the flap will then be put back without suture and the cornea flap will heal naturally.
  • Following the treatment, antibiotic drops will be placed in your eye and a special protective lens,known as, bandage contact lens, may be inserted.
  • After final cleaning around your eyes, the eye shield will be covered to prevent the patient from accidental contact. This eye shield has a small hole to look through it.
  • As the effect of anesthetic drops begins to wear off, it is possible that you will experience some discomfort or pain, but this is unlikely.You will be given a supply of tablets, eye drops, and instructions and will be free to leave.
  • A post operation checkup will be scheduled for the day after the surgery took place.