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NanoRelex®  The next generation of Relex with the new femtosecond laser powered at nanojoules.

   One of the most minimally invasive procedures, using an advanced femtosecond laser technique to extract the lenticules with small dot laser power. The process includes the advanced method of creating a 3-dimension tissue at the stroma layer of the corneal called lenticule via nanojoules femtosecond laser. This lenticule is then removed through a 2-3 mm. small incision made by laser. This latest technology is one of the gentlest refractive correction treatments that maintain higher corneal integrity with a faster recovery time.

What’s New in NanoRelex®

1. Lower energy, (Nanojoules), used during the treatment provides an excellent surface quality and makes this a gentle procedure reducing the trauma induced during the operation. Hence, lessen the chance and duration of temporary postoperative side effects such as irritation and inflammation.

2. Higher accuracy, the new centering system will match the laser pattern to best fitted with your vision.

3. Safer with real-time OCT scan, the surgeon can see the corneal layer during the operation making it safer for patients.

4. Shaper vision with cyclotorsion compensation that detects the eyes ball in 3-D movement caused by gravity shift when lying down on the operating table.

5. Higher precision, with artificial intelligence controlling the laser pattern making it the most accurate and safest treatment available.

6. Faster operation time, there is no flap to open or close making the total treatment step using less time to operate and easier for patients to take care of after the treatment.

Advantages of NanoRelex® 

- Lower trauma due to low power femtosecond laser (Nanojoules) use during the treatment.

- Higher corneal integrity because only a small incision was made during the operation.

- Quicker recovery due to the techniques being flapless making the recovery area less than other treatments.

- Faster operation times compared to other treatments.

- Lower the post-operative, (temporarily), side effects such as infection, glares, halos, and dry eyes.

NanoRelex®  Treatment Steps

1. The femtosecond laser creates a lenticules (3-D lens shape tissue) at the stroma level to readjust the refraction error.

2. An incision about 2-3 mm. is created via laser as a delivery port for the lenticules.

3. The surgeon is then using a special instrument to extract the lenticules through the small incision. The incision is then cleaned by the surgeon and the eye shield is placed over the eye.

Remarks. NanoRelex® may not be suitable for all patients. The eligibility depends on the outcome of the examination and corneal specialist diagnosis. You can discuss with the ophthalmologist regarding the best possible treatment for your vision.