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The first 2 weeks after the operation. You should to avoid complications and to ensure the rapid healing process of the eyes, please comply with the following guidelines.

  • Avoid getting water and dust into your eyes and do not rub your eyes.
  • Cover your eyes with the eye shields nightly to prevent accidental contact.
  • Instill the medications as prescribed.
  • You may take a shower or bath but do not allow the water from the shower head to strike you directly in the face. You may shave and wash your face, but again wipe your eyes gently and do not allow water to get into the eye.
  • Avoid any smoky or dusty environments to prevent eyes irritation.
  • Avoid any eye makeup for 1 week. This includes mascara, eye shadow, eye liner or any other type of makeup around the eyes. Lotions and lipsticks are allowed to be worn.
  • Avoid getting your hair into your eyes to prevent scratching the cornea.
  • Please take enough rest as much as you can. Try to keep your eyes closed and try not to compare which eye sees better.
  • Wear sun glasses outside at all times to alleviate eye irritation and/or a burning sensation in the eyes.
  • Avoid swimming, hot tubs and whirlpools.
  • Avoid diving for 1 month.
  • Please come to check your eyes as scheduled.

Post operative check up

Every patient is asked to return one day after the surgery for your first follow-up visit, then one week after the surgery, one month, three months, and then one year. However many eye and vision problems have no obvious signs or symptoms, therefore we recommend to have a yearly eye check up for maintaining good vision and healthy eye always.