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Postoperative Care for the first day after the operation

  • In some cases, you may feel mild pain and the doctor may suggest you to take a mild pain reliever.
  • Take antibiotics as prescribed.
  •  Do not remove the bandage for the whole day until the next day of your check up.
  • Your eye may be sensitive to the touch and may be even scratchy for a few days.Be sure to avoid rubbing.
  • Get rest and try to keep the treated eye closed. We advise against watching TV or reading, since these activities will only irritate your treated eye.
  •  Do not carry any heavy stuff.
  • Consume light meals.

Postoperative Care for the first 2 weeks after the operation

There are a few precautions you need to know. For the first 2 weeks after cataract surgery, please follow these guidelines.


  • Do not rub or put pressure on the eye.
  • Avoid getting water and dust into your eye and do not rub your eye.
  • Avoid any smoky and dusty environments to prevent eye irritation.
  • Avoid sleeping on the side that has been operated on.
  • Do not bend your head down.
  • Avoid any eye make up. This includes mascara, eye shadow, eye liner, or any other type of makeup around the eyes. Lotions and lipsticks are allowed to be worn.
  • Avoid getting your hair into your eyes.
  • Avoid straining your eyes, especially at the time of constipation.
  • Avoid doing strenuous activity, especially bending and lifting heavy things.
  • Do not cough or vomit forcefully. Take some pills to control, if needed.


  • Wash your hands thoroughly before apply any eye drop and be careful with your treated eye.
  • Instill the medications as prescribed.
  • Cover your eye with the eyeshield nightly to prevent accidental contact.
  • Consume light meal or food that can be easily digested.
  • Resume light activities like reading, writing, watching TV and walking.
  • Wear sunglasses outside at all times to alleviate eye irritation.
  • Please come to check your eye as scheduled.

Post operative Check up

Every patient is asked to return one day after the surgery for your first follow-up visit, then one week after the surgery, one month, three months, and then one year. However as many eye and vision problems have no obvious signs or symptoms, therefore we recommend to have a yearly eye check up for maintaining your good vision and healthy eye always.