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The preoperative examination includes

1. Taking off the contact lens before the preoperative examination

  • For soft contact lenses, the contact lenses need to be taken off 3 days ahead of the day of consultation.
  • For hard contact lenses, the contact lenses need to be taken off 7 days ahead of time.

The reason is that wearing contacts lenses, for a long time, could change the curvature of the cornea, therefore the refraction have changed as well. Not wearing contact lens, for a while, will cause the shape and the curvature of eye to revert back to its natural shape, enabling us to get more precise data of the cornea.

2. Due to the blurry vision that results after the dilatation of the eyes, it is recommended that the patient be accompanied by a relative or close friend. Dilation because the eyes to become extremely light sensitive and the patient might not be able to drive a vehicle after dilating the pupil.

3. Bring a pair of sun glasses is recommended.


  1. Take the contact lens off before hand (3 days for the soft lens, 7 days for the hard lens.)
  2. Take a blood test or bring test results with you when you come in.
  3. Please do not wear any perfume or body-spray that contains alcohol because the alcohol may effect the laser system.
  4. Please make an arrangement to be accompanied because after the surgery, the eye shields need to be used.