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Post-LASIK Eye Care: Guidelines for Quick Recovery

Post-LASIK Eye Care: Guidelines for Quick Recovery

After undergoing successful LASIK surgery, it's essential to follow specific guidelines for post-operative care to ensure a speedy recovery and minimize the risk of complications. Laser Vision recommends adhering to the following post-LASIK guidelines provided by your eye specialist.

Guidelines for the First Night After LASIK Surgery

  1. Use Eye Shields: Following your LASIK procedure, you'll receive eye shields to protect your eyes. These shields feature small openings for visibility, and it's crucial not to remove them.

  2. Avoid Eye Strain: Engage in activities that don't strain your eyes, and be cautious not to expose your eyes to water. When cleaning your face, opt for a damp cloth rather than splashing water directly on your eyes. You can continue with your regular shower and teeth-brushing routine.

  3. Use Artificial Tears: Post-surgery, most patients experience tearing and a gritty sensation in their eyes. To alleviate this, use preservative-free artificial tears. If your eye shields are not fitting securely, consider using micro-pore tape to keep them in place.

  4. Rest and Avoid Eye Rubbing: It's crucial to get plenty of rest and refrain from rubbing your eyes, especially during sleep. Even at night, do not remove the eye shields.


Guidelines for the First Week After LASIK Surgery

Within a day, you should notice a reduction in discomfort and tearing, along with improved vision. Here are key post-LASIK guidelines for the first week:


  • Continue Medications: Follow your doctor's instructions regarding antibiotics and artificial tears.

  • Maintain Eye Shield Usage: Keep wearing your eye shields while sleeping to prevent inadvertent eye rubbing.

  • Avoid Eye Makeup: Steer clear of eye makeup, especially around the eyes, and ensure that no water or dust particles enter your eyes.

  • Use Sunglasses: When exposed to bright light, wear sunglasses to reduce eye discomfort and sensitivity.

  • Face and Hair Care: Do not wash your hair or face by yourself; visit a salon for hair washing, and use a damp cloth for face cleaning.

  • Avoid Swimming: Refrain from swimming for the first two weeks and any underwater activities during the initial month post-LASIK.

  • Contact the Clinic: If you experience significant changes in vision or severe discomfort, contact the clinic promptly.


In most cases, your doctor will schedule follow-up appointments, including evaluations of your visual acuity and discussions about any potential side effects or complications. Laser Vision boasts over 25 years of LASIK expertise, providing quality care and cutting-edge technology. For appointments and online LASIK consultations, call 02-511-2111 or 02-939-6006.

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