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Following LASIK experiences more than 25 years and international standard ISO 9001 accepted by ophthalmologists and patients worldwide, our highly skilled refractive surgery specialists and staff aim to achieve the best result for you, our patient.
TransPRKTransepithelial Photorefractive Keratectomy

Trans PRK, or Transepithelial photorefractive keratectomy, is a new laser eye surgery, offering numerous benefits. During the procedure, the cornea is reshaped with a laser to correct vision issues like nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. What sets it apart is the absence of a corneal flap, ensuring increased safety and suitability for those with thin or irregular corneas. The benefits include a shorter recovery time(comparing to standard PRK), high precision in correcting vision, long-lasting results, and no age restrictions. However comparing to other types of treatments, Trans PRK requires more after care and longer visual acuity recovery.

TransPRK Treatment Process
  1. The surgeon will prepare to remove the epithelium
  2. The epithelium removed by excimer laser according to the calculation
  3. The excimer laser is used to reshape the corneal curvature and thickness‌ as needed.
  4. The contact lens is placed on the eyes to prevent irritation that could happen a few days after the treatment
TransPRK Treatment Process
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