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How to Care for Your Eyes After LASIK Surgery

How to Care for Your Eyes After LASIK Surgery

After undergoing LASIK surgery, proper eye care is essential to ensure a quick recovery. With the use of cutting-edge technology like NanoRelex and NanoLASIK from Switzerland, which employ low-energy lasers, post-LASIK side effects have been significantly minimized. Laser Vision, has been providing over 25 years of experience in LASIK procedures, guarantees a precise and safe process to promote clear and healthy eyes.

Dealing with Initial Post-LASIK Temporary Side Effects:

After LASIK, patients may encounter short-term side effects that vary among individuals. Common early side effects including:

  1. Eye Irritation: Often occurring within the initial 24 hours after LASIK, this can be mitigated by getting sufficient rest and using cold compresses or prescribed eye drops.

  2. Blurry Vision: Typically experienced during the first week, this is attributed to dry eyes resulting from the LASIK procedure. Vision gradually improves as the cornea heals.

  3. Nighttime Glare: This may present as starbursts or halos but is usually temporary, diminishing as the cornea smooths over time. If night driving is affected, it's advisable to avoid it temporarily.

  4. Dry Eyes: LASIK can temporarily reduce tear production, leading to dry eyes. The discomfort can be relieved with artificial tears, and it usually improves with time.
Addressing Other Concerns:

Should you encounter any of the following issues, it is crucial to seek immediate specialist assistance:

  • Eye Pain or Severe Irritation
  • Increased Swelling or Redness of the Eyes Beyond the First Day
  • Sudden Vision Loss or Abnormal Eye Discharge
  • Any Eye Injury Following LASIK Surgery

Your vision is a valuable asset, and after LASIK, it demands careful care and attention. Opting for a reputable LASIK center such as Laser Vision, known for advanced technology, standardized procedures, and extensive experience, all of which is vital to ensure a full and successful recovery.


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