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Dry eyes

Dry eyes

Tears play a crucial role in keeping our eyes moist, ensuring clear vision by letting light effectively pass through the eye's lens, and supplying oxygen to nourish the eye. They also help fend off infections and keep foreign substances at bay.


Now, when it comes to dry eyes, it's a pretty common issue that can stem from abnormal tear production or tears evaporating too quickly. This can lead to discomfort, irritation, that feeling like there's something foreign in your eye, redness, pain, blurry vision that gets better with blinking, or even feeling like your eyes are tired and heavy. What causes dry eyes can vary—getting older, being a woman (yeah, we're more prone to it), certain allergy medications, spending loads of time on screens, being in places with dust and smoke, gusty winds, and bright lights, they can all have a hand in it.


But hey, the good news is there are ways to tackle dry eyes:


  • Keep away from things that can make it worse, like strong winds and dust, by popping on some sunglasses and protecting those peepers.
  • Remember to take breaks or blink more often, especially when you're glued to screens for a while.
  • You've got these cool eye drops called artificial tears. There's a type for daytime (more watery) and nighttime (a bit thicker). Which one to use depends on how serious your dry eye situation is.
  • Sometimes your doc might suggest special eye drops that encourage your eyes to make more tears.
  • Give your eyes a treat with warm, clean cloths over your closed eyelids to help them feel better.
  • If the dry eye struggle is real and isn't improving, it's wise to chat with an eye doctor.


All in all, dry eyes can be a bother, but there are solutions out there. It's important to take good care of your eyes, especially when it's all dry outside. If you suspect you've got dry eyes, having a chat with an eye care expert is a smart move.




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